Etchant 5ml  Prevest

Etchant 5ml Prevest

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Gentle etching gel for the total-etch technique. Enamel and dentine can be etched for the same period of time thanks to buffering. Lower risk of over etching with subsequent drying out of the dentine (optimised acid strength).

  • total-etch technique (etches quickly, thoroughly and gently)
  • wets dentine and enamel without forming drops or flowing
  • easily rinsed off
  • precise application due to the fine application needle
  • positional stability
  • precisely to dose
  • outstanding wetting properties
  • gentle on dentine and enamel due to its higher pH value
  • risks like overdrying / collapse of the collagen fibres are reduced
  • optimized acidity
  • same duration of the etching process on enamel and dentine