Hand Sanitizing Gel 

Hand Sanitizing Gel 

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Duogel Hand Sanitizing Gel 

- A colorless non-toxic, non-perfumed food safe and quick drying sanitizing gel.
- Comes with an ideal long nozzle dispenser pump for easy and convenient application.
- Contains emollients and lubricants to smoothen application and prevent drying of skin.


- Effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeast and spores.
- Ideal for hand sanitizing in medical, food, dental, veterinary and horticultural practice.
- Apply 1-2 pump squirts of gel onto the palm of one hand and rub both hands together for at least 30 seconds.
- No need for water, towels or dryers.
- Ideal for field work, offices, emergency operations and institutions.
- No progressive bacterial resistance with multiple uses.