Tempolux Tg

Tempolux Tg

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Automix Temporary Crown & Bridge Material

tgtempolux is a self curing 10:1 premium bis acrylic temporary crown and bridge material. It has a top formulation with exemplary material properties due to a novel resin matrix, for high aesthetic short and long term provisionals.


  • Exceptional flexural strength, highest pressure and abrasion resistance.
  • Exactly fitted and unstressed due to the slightest polymerisation shrinkage.
  • Minimal polymerisation temperature during setting.
  • Defined elastic phase for reliable removal of the provisional.
  • Brilliant, translucent colours for an exceptional natural aesthetic and fluorescence even in different lighting conditions.
  • Absolutely colour stable for complete time of wearing, biocompatible, tasteless.
  • Colour-stable and publishable to a high shine, providing for a natural aesthetic. Its colouration can be individually adjusted, compatible with UV-light-polymerising composites.
  • Low polymerisation temperatures prevent pulpal and gingival irritation and damage.
  • For direct application in Automix2 cartridge system, ideal mixing ratio of 10 : 1.


Temporary crowns and bridges, temporary inlays and onlays, long term temporaries and temporary veneers.



  • Cartridge 50ml/76gm.
  • 10 mixing tips blue.
  • Available in shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5 and B1.